1. kittydothedishes:

    so if anyone wants 2 road trip from toronto to waterloo and back on april 25th i will give u and ur friends tix 2 my shows there and merch and gas money and im fun 2 hang out with and ill play u my new music or whatever idk name ur price bc i dont know anything about canada and im going alone lol ):

    i wish jesus christ


  2. gookgod:

    *comes to your house to take your dog out for a walk* later dude 

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    1. what girls say: i like you. i mean i like like you
    2. what they mean: i am an enemy from the Legend Of Zelda and i am going to eat your fucking shield
  3. sunnyxbabe:

    Public Transports // The Wonderful Way Back (Black & White)

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  5. thrash-bandicoot:


    so is that what you call a jellyfish

    well tell me what you jellyfish with

    'cause i've seen more spine in jellyfish

    i’ve seen more guts in 11 year old jellyfish

    have another jellyfish and drive yourself home

    i hope there’s jellyfish on all the roads

    and you can think of me when you forget your jellyfish

    and again when your head goes through the jellyfish

    there’s more than 14k notes on this, it has had some REACH, it’s conceivable and pretty likely that some nerdy teen couple, nerdy enough to do things like look at tumblr during dates, but it’s 2014 so it’s probably not even that nerdy, they could have maybe appreciated this post on a first date before making out for the first time and falling in love. wow. could have caused true love. fucked up but possible. there’s almost as many notes on this as people who live in my hometown.

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