1. this just in: might be getting a free Riot Fest ticket???


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    Whatever, punk sucks and so do I

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    It’s time for round two!  Many of you will remember round one.  59 pages in total.  

    The challenge is simple: draw a one page comic based on a ‘script’ and post it with everyone else on a set date.  Style, format, whatever, all of that stuff is up to you.  

    It’s not a contest.  It’s a chance to make a page of comics, and then see how a lot of other artists interpret the same mission.  Again, the script is by bobschofield.

    The timeline is this: post on October 1, tag it ‘altcomix comic challenge’.  It will be reblogged here.  You have one month.  A comic can be drawn in a day.  Give it a little thought, make some notes, and find some time, whatever your process is.

    The ‘script,’ to be interpreted however you like:

    They say all good things 
    come from the ground.
    We peel the mushrooms off our shoes.
    The cake enters the scene,
    roaring at the chandelier. 
    And the guests are painted like clowns. 
    I remember coming here once before
    as the blue detective.
    And holding a small round glass 
    to all the red stains on the floor.

    Go forth and comic.

    note to self: do this

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    Rashomon - Akira Kurosawa

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    Second image from Parts That Are Missing/Parts That Are Gained, 13” x 17” silkscreened image

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    "You’re an individual and reducing you to your gender or race for the purpose of dismissing you is intolerably wrong."

    - Patrick Kindlon